Support project

Shallots are cultivated and eaten all over the world. The team of travel to many of those places. This often results in long term cooperation or local projects.

One example of an enduring relationship is a project in Thailand. With support from the NL Agency (part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation) a joint venture was set up with a company in Thailand under the name Q-shallot. The Q stands for Quality. The aim of the company is to produce new shallot varieties within a few years' time. The advantage offered by a new variety is a virus-free start so that the end result is better. During the project a lot of attention is devoted to training the local Thai growers. Thanks to improved propagating material, better tillage techniques and supervision during the cultivation process, they will see their yields and profits increase. And the fair price they receive from Q-shallot will enable them to provide a more secure and better future for their families. The company also provides healthcare and HIV prevention/information programmes for the employees.

In this way we aspire to contribute to the social, ecological and financial aspects of a company and its immediate surroundings. For more information about this project, fill in the contact form.