The flavour of a shallot is spicy, yet sweet at the same time - as well as being very subtle.

Whether a flavour is to your particular taste is a highly personal matter. Taste is a combination of a multitude of factors. Our perception of taste is inextricably linked to experience. A good example is wine that tasted fabulous on holiday, but is a total disappointment when the same bottle is opened at home. The fragrance of a meal or how a product feels in our mouth all influence how we perceive taste. Children often have to learn how to acquire a taste. But adults can still also be surprised by flavours..!

Inspirational flavours:

  • Raw shallot:
    • finely chopped over a mild tomato salad
    • very finely chopped in a dipping sauce to lend a crispy and characteristic mouth feel to the sauce
  • Fried and mixed through fried potatoes.
  • Shallots can also be used in marinades to add flavour or tenderise dishes such as meat, game and fish. 
  • Pickling, for example in vinegar. With this method various ingredients, such as bay leaf and shallots, are first steamed in a cooking liquid then pickled. Pickled shallots make an excellent garnish. 
  • Shallots are an important ingredient in Worcestershire Sauce. This sauce is mainly used to boost the flavour of meat dishes and marinades. 
  • Slice shallots just before you want to use them, otherwise they will develop a bitter flavour.