Cooking technique

Shallots are really easy to use and can add that finishing touch to numerous dishes in a variety of ways.

Tips for perfect preparation:
  • When peeling shallots leave the root base intact to keep the shallot whole.
  • Why do shallots make us cry? Well, they contain a natural, volatile substance that is released when we cut them. The reaction of the eye to this substance is to form tears. Use a very sharp knife to cut shallots to reduce your tears. You can also help reduce this reaction by wearing goggles or glasses, cutting shallots under the extractor fan or hood, or by cutting them under water, or a running tap.
  • If shallots get too brown during frying their sweet taste will turn bitter. Prevent the shallots from burning by making sure the oil or butter is not too hot, moving the pan frequently or stirring the shallots to prevent them sticking. Attention: shallots cook more quickly than onions as they contain less moisture.

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