Barbecue - Oven - Grill

Chunks of shallots make a nice change on the barbecue. Why not try salmon
and shallots on a skewer? You can also try grilling or barbecuing whole shallots. Wrap in aluminium foil parcels or blanch for a few minutes before cooking to shorten the preparation time. 


Shallots can also be gratinated. These are dishes which are finished under the grill. It is important to make sure the shallots are covered, with cheese for example, to prevent them burning.

Transform french bread into a special treat in the oven. Spread the cut survace
of the french bread with some tomato sauce, scatter some finely chopped
shallots and slices or chunks of chorizo on the sauce and top with grated cheese. Heat in the oven until the cheese is melting and bubbling!

Spice up a pizza by scattering some finely chopped shallot and grated cheese on top!