Caramelising - Glazing

As shallots contain plenty of natural sugar, they can caramelise just cooked on their own. Caramelised shallots taste fabulous as a garnish with meat.

Step 1: gently fry the halved or quartered shallots in a frying pan. 
Step 2: add a teaspoon of honey and allow to caramelise. You can also use sugar instead of honey but this tends to burn more quickly so keep a close eye on the pan.
Step 3: add some spices, for example, juniper berries or a bay leaf and a dash of red wine. Allow the shallot to cook in this liquid.

Glazing is technique which adds a shiny layer to a product without colouring it. Glazed shallots make an attractive and tasty vegetable garnish. Gently fry the shallots in a frying pan, add a little sugar and slowly allow to caramelise without colouring. Add some liquid to stop this caramelisation process and allow the liquid to evaporate.