Kids cooking

Kids of all ages sometimes help in the kitchen, colour in colouring pages, or give a talk to their class about food. They “hate garlic, it stinks!!” or just love spicy sauces. A shallot has a pronounced flavour, but is sweet at the same time. Maybe those junior taste buds have to get used to it, but you really have to taste a shallot to appreciate it.  

  • Caramelised shallots taste the sweetest of all. Why not try them?
  • for more information, for example if you have to give a talk at school, click facts
  • together with kids in the kitchen; find a tasty recipe
  • fun colouring page
  • to find out more about what shallots contain, click nutritional value. Shallots aren't just great to eat - a cut shallot next to your bed will help you breath easily when you have a cold!